Preschoolers are full of wonder and our program engages, excites, and encourages their imagination. We divide preschoolers by age into two programs, placing younger children in the Oceania room and older children in the Asia room. Pre-kindergartners are in the Europe classroom. 

Our focus is on preparing children for school, academically, emotionally, and socially. It’s an exciting time for young learners as they further develop ways to express themselves verbally, physically, and creatively. Their days are filled with busy explorations in art; building on new skills, such as reading and writing; and new discoveries in rudimentary math and science.



Weekly Tuition Rates


Approximate Ages

Full Time


South America

6 weeks – 18 months




1.5 years – 2.5 years




2.5 years – 4 years




4 years – 5 years



15% Sibling discount applied to oldest child’s tuition


  • Tuition based on designated classroom and number of days enrolled at sign up
  •  Ages: 2 to 5
  • Ratio:
    • Oceania: One-to-Five
    • Asia and Europe: One-to-ten
  • Curriculum: theme based changes weekly

We ask parents to leave extra clothes in their child’s classroom in the event a change is required. Also a blanket for rest time.


What They’ll Learn

In the Asia and Oceania rooms, our program promotes structured learning activities with opportunities for independent exploration. Preschoolers are introduced to kindergarten concepts and experiences, such as small group instruction and extended periods, working in their seats. Areas of focus include:

Group of preschoolers in art class painting pictures

  • Establish routines and rituals
  • Learn to use language purposefully and precisely
  • Build pre-reading skills by matching letters to sounds, and recognizing familiar words
  • Handwriting
  • Math (e.g. simple addition and subtraction, sorting and classifying objects)
  • Exploring the world of science through weather, cooking, and seasonal activities
  • Social skills, including mutual respect and and collaboration


Physical Activity

Children in our preschool classes participate in at least 60 minutes of structured physical activity over the course of the day, including supervised games and dancing/moving to music. Children are not sedentary for more than 60 minutes at a time except when sleeping.




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