Please call us at 207-536-0244 or email at if you have questions not listed below.


Q: Is Driscoll CDC a licensed child care facility?

A: Yes. We have been licensed by Maine Childcare licensing division of the Department of Health and Human Services.


Q: Does the facility have secured entrances?

A: Yes, our childcare center has a secure front door that stays locked at all times.


Q: What type of curriculum is followed at Driscoll CDC?

A: Our curriculum is drawn from nationwide best practices. Lesson plans are written by our teachers, based on changing, weekly themes. Our programs involve developmentally appropriate sensory, social, and small and gross motor activities, as well as lessons in math, reading, writing, art, and science.


Q: Are lunch and snacks included as part of tuition? 

A: We serve morning snack and afternoon snack that is included in the tuition rate. 

  • Parents bring a lunch.
  • We encourage children to sample new foods and taste what’s being served; however, we cannot require children to eat or in any way punish them if they choose not to eat all foods served
  • Please speak with our director if your child has special dietary needs.
    • “This institution is an equal opportunity provider”


Q: How are parents kept informed about their child’s progress?

A: We ask that parents read the bulletin boards and white boards, updated daily in each classroom. Driscoll CDC also publishes a quarterly newsletter, as well as monthly classroom newsletters.


Q: Can Driscoll CDC staff administer medication?

A: Yes. Our staff attend specialized training to ensure they are qualified to minister to your child’s medication needs. Medications are only given if the proper forms are signed by a parent and the child’s physician, and provided to us along with the medication in its original container, labeled with the child’s full name. According to state regulations, all paperwork must be completely filled out and submitted before administering medication to any child.


Q: Are parents required to volunteer their time at the center?

A: No, but you may visit your child’s classroom at any time. We welcome parents in the classroom to assist with crafts, reading aloud to the children, and joining in or leading activities. We encourage you to inquire about your child’s day and participate in it when possible. However, if your child becomes upset by your coming and going, or if your visits become a distraction, we reserve the right to reassess this policy on a case-by-case basis. Our teachers need to be attentive to the children at all times, so we ask that socializing with teachers be kept to a minimum during classroom visits.