Infants are unique individuals with burgeoning abilities, desires, and emotions. We care for your infant in a way that builds trust and self-esteem, keeping her senses engaged and her needs met in a safe, nurturing environment. The South America room provides a stimulating infant daycare program that encourages emerging visual, language, and motor skills. Our teachers guide and support your child at every stage of development.


What They’ll Learn

As your infant grows and changes—which happens on a daily basis at this age—we tailor our program to her needs, allowing development and learning to unfold naturally. Key areas of focus include:

  • Introducing your infant to group activities to start building socialization skills.
  • Offering age-appropriate toys and materials that get your infant thinking and moving.

Physical Activity

Infants are always placed on their backs for sleep. When awake, they’re placed on their tummies on a clean, safe surface for 15 minutes, at least twice a day, to strengthen their necks, backs, and shoulders. During this time, a caregiver will interact with your child (gently stroking, talking, singing, and calling attention to colorful toys on the left, right, and straight ahead). As your child gets older, placing toys just out of reach will encourage reaching and crawling.



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